Rugged rocks, mysterious caves and modern sea wrecks are all features of the Paphos Coastline, once you stray beyond the numerous beaches. Whether you are seeking the perfect sunset, or want to commune with the turtles, Paphos has got you covered.

Paphos isn't known for its beaches. This is actually a shame, as it has some lovely ones. However, we cover them in their own topic. Here, we are looking at the rest of the coastline. If you fly into Paphos, you may spot two wrecks off the coast. These are fairly modern additions to the coastline, and provide great places to visit. They can be easily viewed from the shorel and at the same time you can experience the wonderfully varied rock formations. The famous Sea Caves are also a short drive from the main tourist areas. But to really get the feel of the coast and the sea, head out to the Akamas.You can either take a relatively sedate journey along the southern half, towards, Lara Bay, or, if you fancy a white knuckle adventure, drive to Blue Lagoon on the north. Along the way you will pass many secret coves and places to explore.

As with the countryside, make sure you pack plenty of refreshments, and come with a full tank of petrol. And don't forget to bring your camera.

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