Religious Buildings

Cyprus is a very religious country. The Greek Orthodox Church plays a very prominent role in Cypriot society, an you can see this wherever you travel. Churches and shrines are everywhere.

Every village in Cyprus will have at least one church. Some have many. They range in size from a few pews in a small stone building, to a beautifully ornate cathedral. Agios Georgios, or St George, features very prominently here. Of Greek descent, he is very popular in Cyprus, and his image can be found in most churches.You will see lots of murals, icons and statues as you explore, as well as numerous votive offerings. These are offering left by worshippers to aid in their prayers. They include candles, wax dolls and metallic tokens, which are hung over anything convenient.
You will also find churches out in the countryside. The more remote ones are often built by a grateful citizen who wants to give thanks.
Not every church is open, but a surprisingly large number can be viewed without prior arrangement. If you do go into a church, please dress conservatively and show respect. It is not the place to wear a swimming costume or go bare-chested.

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