The Polis Coast

Published 17th of February, 2024

I recently went for a walk along the Polis Coast. It was supposed to be a drone flight, but I managed to leave the drone at home, so instead I visited some of the beaches and took some suitably scenic pictures. Enjoy the beauty that is the Polis Coastline on a glorious Spring morning.

Aphrodite's Secret Turtle Island


We begin our wander on the cliffs by Aphrodite's Baths. There are some stunning views to be had, with or without a drone. The island you see here is supposedly shaped like a turtle, and it is, from a certain angle. Just not this one. Nevertheless, it still looks they pretty, and yes, there is a cross on it.

Aphrodite's Secret Beach


From the island viewpoint, which is in the campsite next to the baths, I went round to the restaurant. There are steps here leading down to Aphrodite's Secret Beach. There is also a nice platform presumably designed for wedding photographs.

The Volcanic rock of Gabor


There's the beach in all its glory. According to Google, Turtle Island actually has a proper name. On the map it is known as The Volcanic rock of Gabor. This begs the question: who was Gabor? A quick internet search tells us that Gábor István Szabó (March 8, 1936 – February 26, 1982) was a Hungarian-American guitarist whose style incorporated jazz, pop, rock, and Hungarian music. Perhaps the cross on the island is a memorial to him?

Perhaps not...

Chrysochou Bay View


This is an exceptionally beautiful area. The cliffs eventually give way to beaches stretching all the way to Nea Dimmata. That's about 20km of coastline.

Ttakkas Tavern


We've now gone towards Latsi. I was in the wife's care which I don't use for off-roading, so I ignored the Dog Beach and went to the next bay along, at Ttakkas Bar.

Now that's a funny name. I googled it, as we have already seen how reliable that is. There is a Car Dealership in Paralimni with the same name, so I am guessing it is an unusual surname?

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