Hidden Gems

Some of our favourite places in Cyprus are off the tourist radar.Don't let that deter you, these places are well worth visiting. Paphos is full of surprises.

This is a collection of articles on some of the less well-known places in Paphos. You may be surprised with a few of them. Why is Toumpallos included here, as that is part of the Archaeological Park? Simply put, it is a part of the park that few people go to. Similarly, Sinti Monastery is no secret. However, because of its remoteness, it doesn't get many visitors.
But, there are also articles on places you won't find in any guide book. Fancy going caving in Paphos, or visiting an ancient necropolis or sugar factory? And the grave at Evretou dam? That's one of our favourite places in Cyprus; the views are stunning and it is so, so, peaceful. Please note, that not all hidden gems are listed here. Venetian Bridges and Abandoned Villages both have their own section, but could appear here too. So if you are after adventure be sure to check those topics out too.

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