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Latest Blog Articles

Love Is Like A Butterfly

The butterflies have been keeping us all amused over the last few weeks. The Painted Ladies have been flying from Africa to Continental Europe, and stopping off in Cyprus to say hello...

Evretou Reservoir Is Full!

She took her time, but Evretou Reservoir is now full! On a glorious, sunny Friday morning, I took my camera out to record the moment, and Evretou didn't disappoint. It has taken me a long time to whittle down the pictures I took for this blog, but here are a selection of the best.

Chasing a Rainbow

This morning I set off with a view to photographing Evretou Overspill, as it is due to overflow any moment now. I got a bit distracted along the way, and ended up chasing a lovely rainbow...

The Easter Decorations Are Beginning to Appear

A recent trip to The Mall revealed that the Easter Decorations had been put up, so we had to photograph them for posterity...

Latest News Articles

Dynamic action promised over Paphos cathedral

Dynamic action will be taken to oppose a decision taken by the mayor of Paphos and the municipal council on Monday evening to back a proposal to construct a cathedral in the gardens of the town hall.

Fight between farmer and tourists over off-road vehicles

Three people were injured and hospitalised after a fight between tourists and farmers in the Paphos district on Sunday.

The incident occurred around 4.30pm when 20 people travelling in 10 off-road vehicles in a rural area were approached by a 54-year-old farmer and his 23-year-old employee.

Paphos municipal council U-turn, now votes in favour of cathedral

The Paphos municipal council on Monday approved a proposal by the district’s bishopric to erect a cathedral in the gardens of the town hall despite strong protests by residents.

Man arrested for repeat thefts from car park

A 49-year-old man from the Paphos region was arrested on Saturday night in connection with the theft of items from cars parked at Tzelifos bridge in the Ayios Nikolaos area of Paphos.

According to the police on Sunday, officers from Kelokedara has placed the parking area under surveillance where theft and damage to cars had been reported.