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Latest Blog Articles

Polemi Sunset

Polemi isn't known for it's sunsets, well, to us at least. They are normally the domain of the coastal areas of Paphos, and Max's house. However, this evening, the Gods smiled on us, and granted us a lovely sunset. The photos can provide a brief, fitting epilogue to our last blog, Polemi Sunrise.

Polemi Sunrise

A couple of days ago I was up bright and early running some errands, and I couldn't help but notice the beautiful sunrise. Naturally enough, I took some pictures, and this put me in the mood to take some more snaps as I carried out my chores...

Cape Drepanum

It's time for another guest blog from Max. This time, he's been to the edge of the Akamas, to have a look at some of the caves at Cape Drepanum. Over to you, Max...

Tsada The Scenic Way

The usual way to get to Tsada from Paphos is to drive straight up the B7. Occasionally though, we prefer to take a scenic route. There are some nice rock formations along the way too, so we decided it would be a perfect candidate for a blog. It's also worth knowing that you don't have to rely on the B7 to get you up that hill!

Latest News Articles

Public urged not to waste water as reservoir levels ‘tragic’

Authorities on Tuesday urged consumers to stop wasting water as the flow into reservoirs remains very disappointing.

Stronger together: Paphos aims to ease seasonality

An action plan has been launched to encourage more visitors to Paphos and help ease ongoing issues of seasonality, officials said on Tuesday.

Betting giant given go-ahead to try and stop police probe

The supreme court on Monday gave the green light to betting giant Opap Cyprus to file for a second injunction to stop police investigations into its revenue stream.

Lack of evidence stymies investigation into bombing of vehicle belonging to mayo

Police have so far questioned 35 people in relation with the bombing of a car belonging to the mother of the Mayor of Paphos Phedonas Phedonos, but have not yet come up with any evidence that could eventually lead to the perpetrators.