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Latest Blog Articles

Cap St Georges

Cap St Georges is a new commercial venture out near the Akamas. It was recently discussed on the Paphos Life forum, as people were concerned about the level of access to the beach area that non-residents would get. So we took our camera down to have a look. This is not a review of Cap St Georges, we didn't try any of the food or drink. This is more of a quick nose so you can see what the area is like.

The Abandoned Hospital at Amiantos Mines

The Cyprus Asbestos Mine is situated right in the heart of Troodos forest. Following a continuous operation of 84 years, the mine came to a sudden closure in 1988, leaving behind large volumes of waste tips, a badly designed mine pit and an unacceptable environmental scar to an otherwise heavily forested natural beauty area. It also left behind a hospital, which now stands abandoned on the other side of the valley. While environmental steps have been taken to turn the area near the mines into a nature park, the hospital has been let to nature.


Continuing our look at Cyprus villages, we are paying a trip to Giolou, which lies on the B7 between Stroumpi and Polis. What drew us there, you may ask? Read on and find out...


Over the last few months, we have blogged about a number of abandoned villages in the Paphos region. As the summer holidays are approaching we thought it would be nice to change the focus to the non-abandoned villages. First up is Letymbou. We chose this first because on a recent forum discussion somebody mentioned that Letymbou was famous for having TEN churches. We felt that needed investigation, as we had only ever seen two on our travels.

Latest News Articles

Marina issues to be resolved soon, president say

PRESIDENT Nicos Anastasiades said on Friday that he expects the legal problem concerning the tender process for the development of the Larnaca port and marina to be overcome soon for the next phase to continue as planned.

Turkish Cypriot protesters: ‘Pain cannot be celebrated’

Turkish Cypriot activists of the citizens’ initiative Dayanisma (Solidarity) in the north demonstrated outside Mustafa Akinci’s office during a function organised by the Turkish Cypriot leader to commemorate the anniversary of the events on 20 July.

Geroskipou businessman steals municipal water

Police in Paphos are examining a case of a businessman stealing large amounts of water from the Geroskipou municipality.

Four detained in connection with Paphos burglaries

Four people arrested by police in Paphos in relation to a spate of burglaries were remanded in custody for seven days by the Paphos District Court.