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Latest Blog Articles

The Far Side of the Akamas

Last October when I had the weekend to myself, I resolved to do a geocache that had eluded me up until now, due to it's remoteness. Given that people were interested in the Akamas Church blog I posted a while back, I thought I would turn the photos I took into another blog...

Abandoned Villages - Evretou

Evretou is just off the B7 near Polis. It lies on the banks of the Evretou Reservoir, and is another sad testament to the troubles of 1974.


Dust has been in the news recently. Dust warnings were all over the media last week, only to be scotched a day or two later by official sources. It turns out that the source of the original alert was one website. So, did they get it wrong or do the official sources need to change their seaweed?

From Ezousa Valley To The Sea (almost)

The river Ezousa has carved a beautiful valley out of the lowlands to the east of Paphos. We return to Episkopi to see if it is possible to follow it to the sea in our trusty 4x4.

Latest News Articles

Bonding across the Green Line

Collecting memories of the past has been a life-time passion of film director Panikos Chrysanthou, whose The Story of the Green Line premiered this week at Nicosia’s Cineplex.

Almost time to ‘Spring Forward’

Don’t forget to adjust your clocks before going to bed on Saturday as the south of Cyprus once again joins the rest of the EU in practicing Daylight Saving Time.

Lights go out to fight climate change


Today, Paphos joins thousands of towns and cities around the globe taking part in the tenth annual Earth Hour.

Police seize weapons, issue warrant for British man

Paphos police have issued an arrest warrant for a 69-year-old British permanent resident after finding firearms at his home in Peyia.

Acting on a tip, on Friday afternoon CID officers searched the home of the man, currently in the UK, in the presence of his wife.