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Latest Blog Articles

Sinti Monastery

It's time for another guest blog, and this time Max has taken a break from his minerals to show us somewhere a bit more spiritual. Over to you Max... Sinti Monastery is a very important ancient monument and not far away from Paphos, in the beautiful Xeros River Valley. I thought I would take a round trip. In order that people can visit the place all year round (even after a good Winter's rain) in a normal car I took the longer route over the hills where the roads nowadays are all properly surfaced. On the way back you can either take the same road (Winter) or use the short cut along the Xeros river bed which is only 8 km until the next village Nata.

Kouklia Memorial

We recently blogged about a little shrine by the motorway. It turns out that it was placed there in memory of two soldiers who lost their lives in a helicopter accident. I was confused myself, because I knew there was a helicopter crash memorial, but it was a little further away from Paphos, near Kouklia. An internet search revealed that there had been two crashes. So in the interest of fairness, I thought we should take a look at the other shrine. It isn't visible from the motorway, but if you take the trouble to find it, you will not be disappointed, as it is a lovely memorial...

Roudia Bridge

Now that we have covered the route from Vretsia to Kelefos, let's return to the subject of Venetian Bridges. This time, we will feature Roudia Bridge. For years this eluded us, as we drove past it without realising it was there. With the help of the previous blog, you should now be able to locate it and know where to park the car. So let's take a look at the bridge itself...

Abandoned Villages - Istinjo

Istinjo is an abandoned little village, with an active farm, just east of Filousa. You won't find it on Google or Bing Maps, unless you opt for satellite view and locate it manually. We have driven past it on numerous times ourselves before we realised it was actually an old village; from the main road it looked more like a slightly ramshackle farm. We only found out it's name when we did our Polis route the other other day. However, on that occasion we decided to stop and have a bit of an explore. Given that we had been following roadsigns to Istinjo since Sarama, it only seemed fair. This is what we found...

Latest News Articles

New Cyprus law to allow Big Brother to listen in

Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou has submitted legislation opening the way for law enforcement agencies to listen in on phone calls in Cyprus.

A granny fight sees one in hospital and the other on the run


A fight between two grannies in Tala, Paphos saw one end up in hospital and the other wanted by police after a disappearing act.

The senior citizens row centred over the right to use water to irrigate a field – after strong words were exchanged it then turned physical.

MPs warn against tourism complacency

Lawmakers on Tuesday expressed satisfaction at yet another bumper year for tourism, but warned against complacency, highlighting the need to constantly improve the island’s tourist product.

Regulations freeze after tourists turned away

Regulations denying entry to tourists from outside the EU who have bookings to stay at Greek Cypriot owned properties in the north have been suspended after 50 people were turned away after landing at Larnaca airport on Monday night, the Cyprus Mail has learned.