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Latest Blog Articles

Green Day Fun

Last year our attempts at flying a kite ended in failure. We wound up using it as a football. So this year we were determined to have more success.

Paphos Carnival 2018

Carnival was postponed for a day at the last minute this year. It was an inspired decision. Instead of a washout, Cyprus basked in sunshine, and Paphos partied...


A few weeks ago, I read reports that some ancient human remains had turned up in a remote church near Kathikas. I presume the remains were placed by a tomb robber, but to be honest, the key phrase that stuck in my head was "remote church". After several attempts, the route to the location was found, and we paid it a visit.

Paphos Caving

A few months ago we read a report in the papers about an interesting cave that lurked within Paphos itself, behind an old church. After a bit of investigation I found it, and did a bit of spelunking.

Latest News Articles

Baby in critical condition, declared dead earlier

A three-month-old baby who was declared dead on Monday afternoon was found to be alive 45 minutes later at Paphos hospital and is now in critical condition with head injuries.

The baby was taken to Paphos general hospital by the parents at 3.40pm after having vomited.

Push by locals to promote Paphos old town

A NEW website will be launched next month to help promote Paphos old town, the head of the Friends of the Old Town Association said this week.

Efforts underway to encourage visitors to Tala square

Concerted efforts are underway by local business owners and authorities to encourage visitors to visit the recently upgraded Tala Square in the heart of the popular Paphos village.

High dust levels in Paphos and Limassol, rain expected later (updated)

By Bejay Browne and Annette Chrysostomou

Levels of dust in the atmosphere in both Paphos and Limassol are high and are expected to last the duration of the day, according to the Met service