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Latest Blog Articles

A Last Look At The Old Old Paphos

Old Paphos is undergoing a transformation. Not only that, but in a few days time, Paphos 2017 will officially get underway. So we thought we would take a last stroll and a few snaps of the area before the transformation is complete.

The Ten Gateways To Paphos

New art installations are being erected at the ten entrances to Paphos Town. The monuments have been designed by a group of Paphos architects and are made of concrete and corten weathering steel. They depict the letter 'P' (π) in Greek, the first letter of Paphos, and so have been crafted in this shape.

The Necropolis at Meletis Forest

If you drive to the Akamas along the coastal road, you will eventually come off the main road and onto a side road leading to the Akamas proper. Before you go past the Searays cafe bar, you will see a nondescript sign on your right, next to a layby.

An Old War Relic?

One thing Cyprus is very good for is geocaches. There are a a variety of caches out there to suit all abilities, and some of them can take you to places and things you would never ordinarily discover.

Latest News Articles

Retired police officer interrupts burglary

A number of items worth around €580 were reported stolen on Friday night from a house in Paphos.

The theft was reported by a retired police officer who had observed suspicious movements a few minutes after midnight in the house next door that belongs to a relative of his.