The Blue Lagoon

Published 24th of September, 2021

The Blue Lagoon is one of the jewels in Cyprus' glittering crown. Whether you arrive by boat, or take the bumpy ride that hugs the Akamas cliffs, a scene of beauty awaits you when you get there. It's such a nice place that we can't do it justice in a blog, so this forms part of a bigger presentation, featuring films and a virtual tour. What are you waiting for?

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This blog is part of a series of articles we were doing about The Blue Lagoon last year. We never published it at the time as the lockdown was in full swing and getting advertisers interested in the virtual tour was understandably difficult - there's no point in advertising when you can't operate. So the project was put to one side. Since then we have better cameras and will one day revisit the idea with a view to producing a better-quality series. We had forgotten about the articles until a question was asked on our Paphos Chat Facebook Group. So here is the original blog, which we made in July 2020. Occasionally I will add a footnote where appropriate, that will be in italics.


We like bumpy rides and off-roading in general, so we opted to take the narrow road.

Nice View


Before you get to the bumpy road, you will hit Aphrodite's Bath. Next to Aphrodite's Bath is the Aphrodite's Bath Restaurant, and a nice beach. We cover this in a separate blog though.

Islands In The Mist


Now, the bumpy road has a bit of history. Not long ago a Russian couple lost their lives when they drove off the edge of a cliff. So take this road seriously, and treat it with respect. I would say that you shouldn't attempt it in anything other than a 4x4. People do drive regular cars there, but it takes them ages, is very bumpy, and annoys more sensible drivers who have to wait for a decent overtaking spot.

The views along the way are stunning, but if you are driving, keep your eyes on the road.

There was a strange mist this morning, which you can see here. At one point we thought it was going to form a cloud bank and obscure our photo shoot, but it subsided after a while.


There have been more deaths since- all in ATVs - and the latest announcement seems to be that the road will be closed to traffic from 2022. Until then the road is still open, but treat it with respect.

A Speedy Summary

Anyway, this blog is about Blue Lagoon, not the route. So watch the hyperlapse film above if you are interested in the journey. If you don't like sped-up films we include a link to the full version at the end of the blog.

It is worth noting that while still bumpy, the road has been smoothed down a bit compared to previous visits.

The Blue Lagoon


And here we are. If you watched the film you will note we took a wrong turn at one point. Once you get the right turn there are plenty of places to park. Before you get to settled though, walk to the edge of the cliff, and make sure you are parking near a suitable path down.

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