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Holidays and Travel

If you are thinking of booking a holiday in the future, please consider using the links shown below. They point to the relevant portions of the various travel websites.

Jet 2 Holidays

Jet 2 Flights

Easyjet Holidays


Amazon comes in three main flavours, so we have three links, depending on which Amazon you use.

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited gives you all the Kindle books you could want for a fixed monthly fee. And what's more, you can try it free for a month and easily cancel any time. Perfect for the lockdown! Kindle comes in three main flavours, so we have three links, depending on your region.

Kindle Unlimited UK

Kindle Unlimited Germany

Kindle Unlimited Global

Paphos Life Publications

Our Road Trips have proven pretty popular. Once the lockdown is over, what better way to reacquaint yourself with the countryside? If you buy one (available as an ebook) please consider leaving us a review if you enjoyed it.

Road Trip #1

Road Trip #2


You can use the following links for a variety of purposes. We carefully select affiliates to ensure they provide a decent service.

Nord VPN - if you need a VPN.

Transfer Wise - easily transfer money.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at our affiliate links. Please use them if you can, they do help with the running costs of the site. There is one further way you can help: spread the word! If you use a company which other people could benefit from, tell them they can advertise on Paphos Life! Because of Corona we have given our advertisers a three-month holiday from advertising fees. So if an advertiser signs up now, they can also benefit.

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