A Blustery Day At Limni Pier

Published 25th of January, 2022

Last weekend we went for a walk by Limni Pier, and nearly got blown into the sea for our troubles. I filmed it for posterity, but we also took some pictures you might like to look at...

Limni Pier


We like Limni Pier, and so do a lot of you. In the summer you can dive off the end. In the winter you can walk up and down it and marvel at the force of nature.

Towards Argaka


On Sunday the winds were blowing. You cannot tell from this picture, but it was very gusty. The buildings here used to be part of the mine operation, when it was still working. Indeed, if you look at old photographs of the pier, there were two railway lines which joined to journey the length of the pier. Also, the pier wasn't T shaped. It was just a single line.



The buildings are disused now, and attract the usual paintwork. The pier itself was renovated when Limni Mine was going to be developed as a golf resort. I don't that is happening any more, though I could be wrong. The last I heard it was now all owned by a bank.

Work In Progress


Speaking of mines, they are currently doing a clean-up job along here, removing all the old mine-waste that built up over the years.

Choppy Water


The first year we moved to Cyprus, at around this time (actually I think it was October but who's counting?) I saw surf like this, just up the coast towards Polis. I went Body Boarding and regretted it. The waves weren't that high but they were very, very powerful. My face got smashed into a bank of large gravel, and I spent the next week or two with a lovely shiner.

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