Return To Lara Bay

Published 10th of October, 2021

A few years ago we visited Lara Bay and were lucky enough to see the wardens releasing some baby turtles into the ocean. We recently returned, but there were no wardens present this time. So we took some drone footage and made a virtual tour instead. Come and have a look...

It's Good To Be Back


The main focus of our visit to Lara Bay this year has been the routes you can take to get there. We have filmed the two most common and links to them will be below this article. Whichever one you take, you may not actually get to this point, unless you continue past the first carpark you arrive at. We recommend you do this, too, as most people seem to just stop when they get to Car Park Number 1. This is a shame as the Turtle Information Centre is at the other one.

Turtle Information Centre


The Information Centre is down there. The path down is not wheelchair friendly, but it is an easy enough descent. The building to the left of the path is actually for Turtle Wardens only. If you want to find out about the turtles you need the building on the right.

Lara Beach


As you walk down the path, you get a nice view of the beach.

A Lone Warden


I think the warden here was charged with keeping an eye on the beach, rather than protect any swimmers. So bear that in mind if you are going for a swim.

The Information Centre


Last time we visited here there was a tank with some baby turtles in it. I think it was there to deter people from digging up turtles. I guess the presence of a warden now makes that unnecessary.

Which reminds me, there are rules to abide by when visiting Lara Bay. There is a sign up stating them, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to mention them here too...


Regulations, 1989


- Place any sunbed, umbrella, caravan, ten, etc.

- Stay on the beaches or the coastal area at night, starting one hour before sunset.

- Fish, except with a rod and line.

- Use or anchor a boat without a permit.

- Drive any vehicle on the beaches.

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