Paphos Wrecks

Published 6th of November, 2022

The coast of Paphos has a number of notable landmairks in its waters. Or should that be watermarks? Anyway, there are a couple of interesting ship wrecks. One, the Edro III gets photographed regularly. The other, the MV Demetrios II, lies beyond the reach of all but the most dedicated paddle boarders, and our trusty drone...

Chloraka Wreck


If you have visited Venus Beach, or walked along the coastline of Chloraka, you cannot fail to have noticed this wreck off the coast.

From The Front


The M/V Demetrios II was a cargo ship, built in 1964 by J. J. Sietas at their shipbuilding yard in Hamburg-Neuenfelde, Germany. The ship ran aground off the coast of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus in 1998.

That's according to Wikipedia, anyway.

One Careful Owner


Up close, you can see that the side of the vessel is now riddled with holes. You can see how it ran aground though. The water here is very shallow. I know there is a lighthouse in the Archaeological Park, but I am surprised there isn't anything here, like a big buoy with a bell or something. Mind you, my knowledge of Maritime etiquette is practically zero.


As you would expect with any shipwreck, there is the whiff of a scandle about it. True, the accident happened during a very bad storm, but it was later found that some of the 8 member crew were travelling with forged documents. I found more information in the Cyprus Mail archives:

SEAFARERS certificates issued for some of the crew of a cargo ship which ran aground off Paphos last week were forged, shipping authorities said yesterday.

The Honduran-flagged Demetrios II, whose eight crew members — four Greeks, two Pakistinis and two Syrians — had to be airlifted by helicopter, ran aground on March 23.

They were airlifted to Paphos by a British bases helicopter. The Demetrios II is still stranded on rocks near the Paphos lighthouse, but the vessel's crew, apart from the captain and Chief engineer, have been repatriated, said Captain Andreas Constantinou from the Merchant Shipping Department.


Constantinou confirmed a report which appeared in Lloyds List yesterday that the competency certificates issued for the Greek captain and the Pakistani first officer were forged "high-quality" Liberian fakes.

Lloyds said the authorities here had also received confirmation from Beirut that crew members on board two other ships which called at the island recently were carrying false Lebanese competency papers.

Of these, the Panamanian-flagged cargo ship Hatch End had been trapped in Limassol port for two months for a string of deficiencies.

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