Kissonerga Coastline

Published 21st of September, 2022

Kissonerga lies between Paphos and Coral Bay. Its coastline is predominantly rocky, but nestled amongst the cliffs there lurks the odd beach. There is also a newly constructed Coastal Path. We took our drone down to check them out.

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I haven't really explored the coastline of Kissonerga that much in the past, as it is fairly inaccessible compared to the rest of the coastline. However, a couple of years ago it was announced that they had built a coast path there. I would have been a bit more intrigued but COVID was in full swing at the time and I had other things on my mind.

The Coast Path


And here is the path itself. In total it is about 2km in length. The municipality spent €300,000 on it. If that seems a lot, the original plan was for a €3,000,000 walkway.

Atlantica Golden Beach


Looking out to sea, you will notice a hotel on the coast on the way to Paphos. This is the Atlantica Golden Beach Hotel. Don't worry though, the beach in question is not the one shown in this picture.

Rocky Coast


This is what I mean by inaccessible. You certainly wouldn't use it for a day's sunbathing. It is good for snorkelling though! In fact, while I was there I observed a head appear out of the water. A scuba diver had swam over from somewhere. There were no boats nearby so I presume they were from the hotel.

This was as far as we could get on foot. There are some lovely views here, but I wanted to see a bit more. Fortunately I had brought the drone with us...

Paphos Coast Path


I flew the drone out to the start of the main Paphos Coast Path. There it is on the left. You can walk along that all the way up to Paphos Castle. You can go all the way to Geroskipou Beach in fact, if you have got plenty of energy.

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