Sea Caves From Above

Published 16th of March, 2021

The Sea Caves between Peyia and Agios Georgios are a beautiful stretch of coastline, and are a great place to explore. We were passing with our drone the other day, so I decided to get a better look of the cliffs, to see what all the fuss is about...

Park Here


They have pulled the road through sea caves in a bit recently. It no longer runs next to the crash barrier, and you can see why. If you are driving from Coral Bay, you want to leave the road and park where you can see the cars to the centre left. From there you can walk to the sea caves. Alternatively, park before you get to this turning and walk up.

Beautiful Seas


I never tire of this view. I first photographed it for our second road trip, which passes through here. There is a link to that below.

Natural Statue


I shall turn another day to explore the area properly on foot. Today, I wanted to get a view of the scene with the drone. So this is only a little blog.

Towards Cap St George


The water here is amazingly clear.

The Virtual Tour

I also took some panoramic shots with the drone, though it was quite windy. Given that the drone takes over 20 shots to make a single panorama, wind can make it difficult to assemble a complete image. I have corrected most of the errors, but if you find an area which has land where it shouldn't be, that is the reason why.

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