Agios Georgios Harbour

Published 27th of February, 2022

Given that Cyprus is an island, there are surprisingly few harbours on its coastline. One such can be found at Agios Georgios, on the edge of the Akamas. And as well as the harbour, there are also some ancient caves and an Archaeological Park. So it is well worth a visit, as you shall see...

The Harbour


We shall begin above the harbour. I've parked in the car park by the church, and I am looking down at beach.

Agios Georgios Church


This is the church. We will pop in there in a tick, but I want to explore the rocks here first.

Yeronissos Island


The island off the coast here is a bit of a landmark. It is also an archaeological site, where they have made some very interesting discoveries. It isn't open to the public though, so don't try and visit.

Familiar Caves


If you cast your mind back a few years, Max (from our forum) blogged about this area in his report on Cape Drepanum. We shall briefly revisit those caves before turning our attention to the church. Most of them are directly below the car park. If you walk to the edge you will see a series of steps going down.

Spring Flowers


While I was clambouring over rocks, Alex was snapping flowers. Well, a couple of them anyway.

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