The Pomos Coastline

Published 31st of December, 2021

It is time to bid farewell to 2021. I don't think many people will miss it, to be frank, but we've got through it so lets hope that 2022 is better. In our final blog of the year we return once again to Pomos. I took my drone for a spin there, and got some nice shots of the coastline you would normally need a boat to see.

Dragon Cave Beach


We begin our flight in the seas around Dragon Cave Beach. This is a beautiful area of coastline which has an amazing beach if you want to experience a wilder bit of sunbathing (though not for a few months yet).

The Track Down


To Get To Dragon Cave you have to drive along the coast road from Polis to Pomos. Keep going through Pomos and just after the harbour turning there is another turning down to a small carpark. You can park there and walk down these steps.

Private Steps?


What soon became clear as I made this film, was that there were actually quite a lot of staircases going down to the shore. I think some of them must be private though.

Far Point


This was as far as I could safely fly the drone to, so it is a good point to start our adventure. And by adventure I mean film. I did a nice film for the "Relaxing Cyprus" series. It starts here and flies towards Pomos Harbour and the coast beyond.


Yes, the second set of stairs, on the left here, definitely seem to originate in somebody's back garden.

To be honest, I hadn't much hope of getting any good material when I made this film. The light was fading, and the wind was picking up. However, I was quite pleased with the results, and thought it would be a nice way to end 2021.

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