From the rugged, untouched beauty of the Akamas, to the verdant scenery of the forest, the countryside of Paphos is full of treats and surprises for the traveller who wants to experience more than sun, sea and the traditional sights of the city.

We've written more blogs on the countryside of Paphos than any other topic. We can't get enough of it. And you should make a point of experiencing it too. Whether you take a tour, or hire a car, you definitely don't want to miss out on the hidden beauty that lies between the coasts. Let's start with the Akamas. You may well have heard of Lara Bay and the Blue Lagoon, but there is so much more to see than that. A 4x4 is highly recommended. However, there are plans to turn the area into a National Park, with an improved infrastructure, so access for all vehicles should improve.

Some of the best countryside can be found on the slopes between the Akamas and the main farming areas. The hills around Droushia and Miliou offer outstanding views and plenty of walks. And then you have the reservoirs. Both Asprokremmos and Evretou offer great places for a decent ramble.

There are several valleys that run through Paphos. Notably, the Ezousa, Xeros and Diarizos Valleys are all worth exploring. But don't forget the Polis coast, going all the way up to Pomos and beyond. Finally, we have Paphos Forest itself. You can spend days exploring there, and you may even get to see a mouflon!
Some words of advice before you set out on your adventure. Paphos has a number of snake species. Most are harmless, though the Blunt Nosed Viper can give a nasty bite. So stick to paths and keep out of long grass. Secondly, bring plenty to drink with you, and make sure you have a full tank of petrol. Garages are few and far between beyond the city and towns. So bear that in mind, but don't be put off. The countryside of Paphos is truly stunning, and you should make a point of seeing as much of it as possible.

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