Paphos Archaeological Park - The Tour
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Welcome to our Virtual Tour of Paphos Archaeological Park! With over 400 locations to explore, you are sure to be kept busy. This tour is best viewed in FULL SCREEN mode, so the first thing you should do is click the Fullscreen button on the bottom menu. We've had reports of this button not working on an iPad so if you don't go full screen, try using this direct link to the tour.

Direct Link To Tour

If you don't yet know anything about the park, you may want to take a look at the main Archaeological Park Page first of all. It explains what everything is with the help of several blogs and films. There is also a map, below the tour, which will give you a rundown of the park, and a film showing how the tour works.

Believe it or not, but this is just a summary tour. The full tour contains over 3000 images, and was created for Google Street View. We may add that here too, but be warned, it is very large!

If you like the tour, please give the Coffee Link below a click and buy us a coffee. All contributions go towards future content.

Virtual Tour User Guide

Archaeological Park Map

Map of Paphos Archaeological Park

Tour Change Log

This tour is an evolving project. The changes may make some of the help film redundant, so I am noting them here to avoid confusion.

- Tour goes live
- Minimised map on start of tour, and made it bigger.
- Added direct link for iPad users

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Panagia Salamiotissa Monastery

Last autumn we we doing a bit of Off-Roading at the top end of the Diarizos Valley. On our way back to civilisation we spotted an unusual building across the valley, so stopped to take a look. We found ourselves at a modern monastery with a lovely garden.

Polemi Lockdown Part 2

Another day, another walk around Polemi to stretch our legs. This time, after checking on the tulips, we are heading off towards the Winery...

Polemi Lockdown

Cyprus is in lockdown, for its own good. We are allowed to leave the house for exercise, so a brisk walk around the block was in order. And fortunately, we have a very scenic block...

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We never get bored of exploring the Cyprus countryside in Springtime, This is a good job, as social distancing prevents us from blogging about anywhere vaguely populated. The other day we took our swanky new 360 camera for a spin. The pictures proved popular, especially to people pining for a holiday cut-short. So here are the pictures we took with our usual camera as we were on our travels.

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New charts on Covid-19 in Cyprus

The Health Ministry has released new infographics on the spread of Covid-19 in Cyprus that look at the geographical distribution, age group and smoking status among other parameters.

The data is from March 7 to April 4.

The ministry clarified that as regards the smoking habits, the figures  concern only 182 cases for which it has information.

Two arrested for fake SMS to bypass lockdown

A man and a woman were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of showing a fake SMS to police in order to bypass the stay at home decree.

Philenews reports that the message was shown to police in Limassol in one instance and in the SBA in the second.

The man is aged 49 and the woman 40. She told police that the man had allegedly created and sent her the SMS.

Anastasiades message to UK Prime Minister

President Nicos Anastasiades has joined other leaders in extending wishes to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is fighting worsening coronavirus symptoms at a London hospital.

Coronavirus: 127 booked for violating movement restrictions overnight

Police booked 127 pedestrians and motorists for violating the decree restricting movements overnight on Monday.

Two premises in Paphos were also booked.

Officers checked the movement of 4,250 people and 1,165 premises islandwide.

Thirty four people were booked in Nicosia, 32 in Limassol, 41 in Larnaca, 14 in Paphos and six in Famagusta.