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Paphos is a city full of surprises. From the tourist area by the harbour, right up to the Old Town and the Business quarter, there are a wealth of sites and sounds waiting for the curious traveller.

The old meets the new in Paphos. History is all around you, mixed in with modern shops, as well as traditional artisan stores, and a wealth of restaurants and cafes serving delicious food. Let's start at the harbour. Here you have a beautiful walk along the sea front, coupled with the castle and the Archaeological Park, which is the one place you should not miss on your visit. Beyond the gift shops and restaurants, Fabrica Hill has more for you to explore. If you like your shopping, you can go past the monorail (actually an unfinished footbridge) and enter the Mall. Or carry on up the hill, and explore the artisan magic that is Old Town. But don't stop there! Throw off the tourist shackles and explore the rest of Paphos too! The people are very friendly, and children are welcome.
And once you are finished, have you ever wondered what the place is like when the tourists have gone away? What happens at Christmas? How is Easter celebrated? What's this I here about a carnival? To find out about city life in Paphos, check out these blogs.

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