Street Art

Cyprus is full of art. A walk through Old Town will reveal a lot of it, but look further afield, and find random statues, murals, and other exhibits waiting to surprise and delight you.

Street Art can mean different things to different people. Fortunately, in Cyprus, everybody is catered for. Starting at Old Town, there have been (so far) three Street Art Festivals in the last few years, which have resulted in a fine selection of modern murals adorning spare walls and carparks.If you are after more traditional murals, then check out the Cementography trail. The real fun begins when you leave the city though. Cypriots are very creative. You can be walking through the woods and stumble upon an unofficial sculpture park, made up primarily of discarded farming equipment and water bottles. Or there is a model village built into the side of a hill, and a tree with a jumper! Art colleges are also fairly abundant, and the one in Lemba is certainly worth a visit. Often, the best way to experience Street Art in Cyprus, is to pay attention as you journey to your intended destination. It is nice to follow a guided tour of a place, knowing where the treats are in advance. But it is much more fun to discover them for yourself. So don't be afraid to look.

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