Baracas Sea Front

Published 8th of September, 2022

I have been meaning to do a walking tour of the Paphos Coast Path from Lemba up to the Harbour. It is a route full of variety with plenty of interesting sights to see along the way. In preparation for this, I have been doing some advanced planning. This is why I found myself at Baracas Lounge, in Chloraka. Come see what I found there...

This Must Be The Place


To get to Baracas Lounge, take the coast road from Paphos towards Coral Bay. Once you go past St George's Church and Hotel on your left, you will arrive at the Leonardo Laura Beach & Splash Resort. Beyond that is a left turn which takes you to this carpark.

This Way


From the car park, it is a short walk to the coast. On the way you will pass a rather nice children's playground.

Dusty Views


There are some lovely views from the sea front here, though today the air was rather dusty.

Missing Roof?


I am guessing that those three pillars will one day have a roof of sorts on top of them, to provide some shade. I had originally intended to fly my drone here, but it was too hot. Had there been a nice bit of shade there I could have quite happily sat there while I buzzed the drone around.

Anyway, in this direction lies Coral Bay, and, closer, Sandy Beach. This is where the coast path starts. We shall cover a little bit of the path today, but don't worry, it will get the proper treatment at a later date.

A Good Heart These Days Is Hard To Find


And what of Baracas Lounge itself? Well, it looks lovely, and was very popular with the locals. The heart here is for instagram selfies, no doubt. It is not the only such device here, either.

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