The Chloraka Coastline From Above

Published 16th of November, 2022

Continuing our look at the coast of Paphos, with the help of our trusty drone, we examine the area between St George's Monument and King Evelthon Hotel. Come and see what we found...

The Monument


We begin overlooking the monument by St George's Hotel. The coastal work they were doing there has progressed now, and they have moved the crane closer to Kissonerga. The main coast path runs from Paphos all the way to Sandy Beach. It cuts through here along the way, and is just behind those palm trees.

Coast Path


Moving east, you can see the path more clearly from here.

Little Village


The path continues up to Akteon Holiday Village, which you can see here.

Another Bay


Beyond that, we have another small bay. I am a bit puzzled as to what happens to the path here though. You can clearly see it here, on the eastern side.

Where's The Path?


But what happens here? Does the path run in front of these new villas, or do you have to go behind them? Is it a work in progress?

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