Kissonerga Coast Path

Published 22nd of October, 2022

A new Coast Path has been constructed in Kissonerga. It provides a convenient way to access the little beaches dotted along the rocky coastline and is a great place to go for a stroll, especially as the weather is now getting a bit cooler. Come with us as we see what it has to offer.

Distant Sea You Beach Bar


We begin our walk on the Western end of the path. In the distance you can see Potima Bay and the Sea You Beach Bar. The path does head inland for about 100 metres here, but for all intents and purposes, this is the beginning. The Coast Path itself doesn't have much of a beginning or an end. Its charm lies in the route along the way. Indeed, if you visit the area to walk the path, you are far more likely to begin at the other end. You can park there, for a start. Indeed, that is where I parked today. I then walked the route to this point, filming it with my 360 camera. I obviously needed to get back to my car, so I am now walking back along the path, taking photos along the way. There will be links to the various films at the end of this blog, but if you want to know the best place to start your walk, it is at the other end.

Rocky Route


Anyway, strap yourself in, and come along for a lovely walk.

In The Beginning...


At this end of the path there are a number of what I assume are private villas.


It must be nice living in a villa with such a lovely view. The downside is that you have to share it with anybody walking along the path!

Nice View


And it really is a nice view.

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