Aphrodite's Rock

Published 14th of February, 2021

Valentine's Day is upon us once again, so let's forget about all our troubles and take a romantic trip to Petra to Romiou, or Aphrodite's Rock, as we tend to call it. Today we present a triple whammy of photographic fun, from myself, my lovely wife, and our fully licensed drone. So snuggle up with your loved one and enjoy the beauty that is one of the many jewels in Cyprus' romantic crown.

A Familiar Sight


We've featured this view a number of times in our blogs, and why shouldn't we? This location is in the hearts of countless couples who have married in Cyprus, and come to the beach here to make a little loveheart with their initials with pebbles. Why are they drawn here, apart from the outstanding views, and more importantly, how do they get here?

Saracen Rock


You get to Aphrodite's Rock by taking the Airport road from Paphos, and staying on it past Kouklia as if you were taking the scenic route to Pissouri. Unfortunately, you can no longer get all the way to Pissouri, least not in a car, as the road has been closed due to risk of landslide. This is about as far as you can get. So it is a good place to start your visit.

Legend tells that the Christian Basil hurled a huge rock from the Troodos Mountains to keep off the invading Saracens. This is it. That Basil must have been a bit of lad.

Bird's Eye View


This is the perfect place to fly a drone, though it was a bit windy. Our drone can take 360 panoramas, but for that you need no wind. I did try here, but it produced a rather odd-looking patchwork result, so I stuck to traditional films and photos. The rocks you can see here are on the other side of the bay to Aphrodite's Rock. We did also make a film of our visit, and we include a link at the end of this blog. The film starts at the rock, and comes here at the end. I did that because film viewers have a shorter attention span than blog readers, so I felt the need to go in with all guns blazing, so to speak.

Lots Of Birds


Alex snapped this picture showing the amount of birds on the rock. I was a bit concerned that they might attack the drone, but to be honest they were completely uninterested in it.


When I was young, I wrote a poem about a seagull for school homework. The teacher loved it, and made a couple of corrections to it. As I progressed through various schools, the poem followed me. On the few times I had to write a poem, 'The Seagull' would be trotted out, to praise, and helpful alterations. By the time I left school the various alterations had turned it into something pretty good.

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