Paphos has more than its fair share of Archaeological Sites, from a wide variety of periods. Whether your interests lie in the Neolithic Area, or you are more of a Byzantine buff, there is plenty for you to explore.

Paphos oozes history. Over the centuries, various civilisations have risen and fallen. First settled by humans in the Paleolithic period (stone age), their assorted necropolises shine a light on what life must have been like then. Bronze-age and hellenic cultures, inevitably followed by the Romans, have all stamped their presence in the history-rich soil. And later, Byzantine and Venetian rules have also left their footprints. So where do you start?
Well. no trip to Paphos is complete without a visit to the Archaeological Park, so you should check that out first. And the Tomb of the Kings is right on your doorstep too, if you are in Paphos City. But why stop there? Why not break free from the traditional tourist shackles, and look further afield? That's where our blogs can help. We have visited a number of little-known sites and you can read our reports. Some of them may be right up your street, but do bear in mind that accessibility may be an issue. The blogs will state if you need a 4x4 to get to a particular location, but in all cases, bear in mind that Cyprus does have snakes, and ancient places where people rarely visit make great homes for them. So tread carefully. Also, take plenty to drink with you, as walking through ruins is very thirsty work.
Finally, don't be tempted to collect any ancient souvenirs along the way. The authorities take an extremely dim view to this, and you will very likely regret it. So look, but don't touch!

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