Helen Takeaway Review

Published 18th of October, 2022

We've recently brought you reviews featuring delicious food at popular restaurants. You don't have to spend €15 - €25 per person to enjoy good food though. We recently stopped for some food at a Takeaway on the way back home, and were blown away with how tasty the food was.

Meet Helen Takeaway


We found this place a couple of sundays ago. We were returning from a swim at Corallia Bay and our daughter asked for a Gyro for lunch. There is a place in Chloraka she likes but they were closed on Sunday. We were heading towards Lidl but spotted that this place was open. So we parked next to it and went in.

Lovely Gyro


The place had quite an extensive menu, but our daughter wanted a gyro, so I ordered her one. When I did so, the chef cut a bit of the meat off and presented it to us. I tasted it and immediately changed the order to two gyros. It was absolutely delicious! I had planned my own lunch already, but that went out of the window. I wanted some of this.

Work In Progress


The meat was wrapped in Lebanese bread, with freshly prepared salad and an assortment of delicious sauces. Once wrapped, they are placed on a hot-plate for a final warming. There are three kebabs here because we returned a few days later with my wife for more of the same.

Note also how clean the cooking area is. This place is well looked after.

Fine Street Food


The kebabs were about a foot long, and had to be cut in half. I cannot stress how tasty they were. The salad that the meat was wrapped with was full of flavour and tasted very fresh. Considering I watched him chop it up beforehand this is no surprise. I chatted briefly to the chef. He ran a restaurant for over 20 years, which I am guessing was in Syria (a google review mentioned he was Syrian). He really knows what he is doing, and the food is just top notch.

Location, Location, Location


To find the takeaway, take the road out of Old Town towards Chloraka, and turn right on the road up towards Lidl. You will see it very soon on your left. They serve high quality food here, and the price is very reasonable. Each wrap was only €5! You aren't restricted to Gyros though, they had a fairly extensive menu which we will no doubt be dipping into at a later date.

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