Maa Palaiokastro Archaeological Site

Published 8th of December, 2022

Paphos has more than its fair share of Archaeological Sites. I had seen signposts for Maa Palaiokastro every time we drove to Corallia Beach, but had never felt compelled to visit. However, I recently flew the drone near the site, and it looked intriguing, so I decided to pay it a visit.

Storm Brewing


The day I visited the park there was a storm raging out to sea. It gave a dramatic mood to the pictures. In this shot you can see Corallia Beach in the distance. The park is to our left.

Main Entrance


The entrance is actually on the left. When you go through you will be charged the princely sum of €2.50.

This Must Be The Place


Ok, Maa Palaiokastro, amazing me with your secrets.

Nice View


One of the first things you will notice if you visit this park, is that there are some nice views of the surrounding beaches from here. This is looking out to Coral Bay.

The Ruined Settlement


There are a few ruins here, but nothing that impressive. Indeed, if you have ever visited the Archaeological area behind the St Nicholas Chapel in Kato Paphos, you will see a number of similarities in terms of size and impressiveness. And that one doesn't cost anything to enter.

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