Chloraka Relics

Published 6th of October, 2022

In The Country of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King. The reverse, however, is also true. An area next door to the Archaeological Park and Tomb of the Kings is not a good place to be if you are an aspiring historical point of interest in search of fame and adulation. Your efforts will be doomed to failure. So, let us take pity on some relics, that otherwise don't get a second glance, and visit a couple of Chloraka's lesser-known historical attractions.

Start Here


We start our little adventure at a bus stop opposite the King Evelthon hotel. Doubtless you will have driven along this road many times without realising that mere metres to your side there lies an archaeological site so magnificent that the locals have had to make it look more humble by dumping tonnes of rubble on it.

Left Overs


This is all that remains of an old water tower and channel that fed water into the city.

Rigena's Groove


This is what the Chloraka website has to say on the area:

The groove was made of stone and served as a water tower. Part of the groove was preserved near Stavros area until recently. According to tradition, Dighenis loved Rigena, the queen of Paphos. She urged him, in order to respond to his love, to bring water to her city. Dighenis accepted the requirement of Rigena and made the groove, the parts of which are still preserved in various parts of the province.



In fairness to the area, there are a few small ruins still here. But where is the groove?

The Groove Itself


I presume that this is it. Do you remember the article we did on the Aquaduct in Ayia Napa recently? Well, once you had left the major structure behind if travelled along the ground in a similar fashion to this. It was even a similar, narrow width. So presumably this once ran all the way into Paphos. But when was it operational?

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