The Necropolis in the Neopolis

Published 21st of September, 2019

A new Business Park is coming to Geroskipou. The Neopolis is a huge project which will transform the area. However, while studying an old map, we discovered that there was more to the area of wasteland designated for development than immediately meets the eye...

The Neopolis is Coming


If you drive towards Kato Paphos from the Debenhams Roundabout, you will soon past the Pant Man statue on your left, before hitting these traffic lights. Big hoardings have been erected here, informing you of the Business Park which will be built here one day.

Neopolis Boundaries


As you can see from this map, it is a large area, stretching from the Shrine Caves right down to the Mini Golf. Currently, the land is used for farming and light quarrying / dumping.

Kitchener, I Presume?


Coincidentally, I had been asking about old maps while researching (yes I do look stuff up occasionally!) for another blog which is still in production. I have yet to unearth a map of Polis from the 70s, which is what I was looking for, but I did get hold of Kitchener's Paphos Map from 1882. He was the chap who did the first full triangulated survey of the island.

Anyway. while perusing the map, I couldn't help but notice that some ruins had been marked. One site was obviously the Archaological Park. Another site was in Kato Paphos and is now a hotel. But the final site appeared to be in the middle of nowhere (Katarameni). So guess where I went next?

Katerameni Calling


It was odd, I had driven around this area countless times in the past and had paid not much heed to the surrounding fields. However, I worked out roughly where the ruins were, and set out to track them down. I went down a few dead ends and false trails before arriving at this location. There were certainly rocks of a similar appearance to those found near Souskiou cemetery, but was there anything more? Time to get out of the car and take a look.



Almost immediately I stumbled upon this beauty. It wouldn't look out of place in the Tomb of the Kings, or the Necropolis of Meletis Forest.

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