Archaeological Park Flowers

Published 7th of February, 2020

We're putting the final touches to a number of articles on the Archaeological Park at Paphos. We returned recently for some final filming, and Alex couldn't resist photographing some of the Spring flowers that are starting to appear...

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The park was looking as swanky as ever when we arrived. I had tried to finish filming a couple of weeks ago but the clouds burst and I had to take cover in Toumpallos. I got a nice clip of the caves with water dripping into a puddle though, so it was worth it...

Pretty Purple Anemone


Anyway, while I was filming, Alex was snapping the flowers.

Anemone With Bug!


Anemones were fairly widespread at the moment. In a few weeks the park will be a sea of yellow and red though.

White Anemones


This has caused a slight problem with some of the films. I started recording them before Christmas, when there was a lot of brown about.

Cyclamen Clusters


Now of course, everything is green. So a film which is supposed to show a walk around the park looks a bit odd because the background keeps changing colour.

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