Polis Archaeology

Published 26th of September, 2022

Polis lies on the North Coast of Paphos. It isn't known for its archaeological splendour, but there have been a couple of digs there, so we thought we would have a wander through the ruins to see what we could see...

On A Clear Day...


We start our adventure on a remote part of the Polis Coast. I took this when I was hunting for something completely different, and it has nothing to do with the Archaeological Sites. However, I liked the clouds and the colour in the shot, and there are an awful lot of pictures of rocks to come in this article, so I thought I would break you in gently with something pretty.

The Map


This is where we are actually headed. First we shall visit the Ancient Marion-Arsinoe Excavation Site, which is opposite Polis Hospital. AFter that we shall visit the Ancient Basilica. So hold onto your hats.

Gateway to the Ancient Marion-Arsinoe Excavation Site


I approached the excavation site from the direction of the hospital. It has to be said, when I arrived I knew absolutely nothing about the sites, or indeed that there were two of them. Had I done a bit of research first, I might have had a better idea of what I was looking at. So, let's Google "Ancient Marion-Arsinoe" and see what comes up.

Hellenic House?


Well Google came up trumps. It turns out that there is a museum near here, related to the sites.

Not far from the Baths of Aphrodite, the Local Archaeological Museum of Marion-Arsinoe at Polis Chrysochous, presents a collection of ancient artefacts discovered in the surrounding area. On display are excellent examples of pottery, statues and other finds dating from the Neolithic to the Medieval period.

Ongoing Dig


Now in an ideal world I would have learned that nugget before I drew the attached map. However, we can improvise. To find the museum on the map, first locate the roundabout towards the bottom middle. Then follow the road headed towards the "Google" word. There is a junction on your right, and the museum is on the opposite side of the road there. I actually saw it on my travels, and wondered if it was open. On the assumption that it is, I would recommend popping in to have a look.

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