Paphos Celebrates Green Monday

Published 18th of March, 2024

Today was Green Monday, and Cyprus was out having barbeques and flying kites. We drove the length of Southern Paphos to see what the locals were up to.

Pikni Forest Picnic Site


Our adventure begins at Pikni Forest Picnic Site, above Peyia. I started here because I wanted to show that the Green Monday celebrations weren't just restricted to the coast. Normally this area is fairly quiet. But come any bank holiday and it fills up quickly with parties utilising the bbq equipment and picnic benches.

I have often wondered what would happen if people turned up to find all the cooking equipment was already being used. Is there a booking system or is it just first-come-first-served?

Towards The Akamas


From there I headed towards The Akamas, in the direction of White River Beach. In previous years I have driven over the Akamas on Green Monday to fly kites and soak in the scene. This year I wanted to concentrate on more rural areas, but I went as far as White River Beach because there are usually a fair few picnics and kites to be seen near there.

Fairly Quiet


To be honest it was fairly quiet here, which surprised me. This was at about 12:20 when you would expect the bbqs to be all ablaze. Perhaps the Akamas roadworks had put people off?

Agios Georgios


Having satisfied my Akamas wunderlust I headed for Agios Georgios Harbour. As I approached the car parks I noticed that there were a lot of cars in them, and that a stall selling pink panthers and the other usual suspects had sprung up.

The Harbour Area


There was a lot of activity in the coastal area near the harbour.

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