Avakas Gorge and Last Castle Access

Published 18th of April, 2023

There have been a lot of questions asked online recently about the Last Castle restaurant, and when it will be opening. At the moment it is closed [edit: it is now open], because they are digging the road up as part of the Akamas improvements, so we went down to see how they were getting on. We also wanted to see how easy it was to get to Avakas Gorge itself.

Turn Right Here


They are upgrading the road network in the Akamas at the moment, and the main route to Lara Bay, for instance, is closed at White River Beach. Given that Avakas Gorge and the Last Castle is on the other side of this beach, it begs the question: how do you get there? Well, the official diversion is a loooong route via Inia. But there is another route which is a lot more straightforward, if a bit bumpier in places. Taking the coast road from Peyia, you need to turn right here. This is before you get to the usual Akamas turning.

Church of Saint Matrona the Russian


The road leads to this lovely church. Up to this point, it has all been on tarmac. After this, it degenerates a bit, though it is all doable if you take your time and drive slowly.

Decision Time


Soon you come to this junction. If you want to get to White River Beach and the rest of the Akamas, turn left here. If you want to get to Avakas Gorge, turn right.

We Take The Low Road


First we took the left turning. Now, the next part of the track is quite rough in places, and if you meet anybody coming in the opposite direction you will need to find a suitable passing place. Towards the bottom the track splits in two. You can take the right turn if you want to go in that direction, however if you keep left the route is better and you can come back around when you hit the main road.

White River Beach


White River Beach itself is still drawing in the punters. There are a lot of stone piles there at the moment.

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