Aphrodite's Bridge

Published 27th of December, 2023

While I was assembling the map for a recent driving film I published between Pissouri and Kouklia, I noticed that there was a new marker for a "hidden medieval bridge", just in front of Aphrodite's Hills Resort. Well, red rag to a bull and all that, so I paid the area a visit, to see what I could find...

The Map


This is how the bridge is represented on Google Maps. I was puzzled as I have driven along the road many times and not seen anything. However, if it was visible from the road it wouldn't be called hidden, would it?

Satellite View


This was the view from Bing. The bridge is just visible from above. If you look via Google Street View the bridge is completely covered.

Time Travel


If you jump back in time 60 years, you will see that the bridge was actually in use, as part of the old road. The bridge is towards the bottom right of the picture.

Present Day


I was therefore in for a bit of a surprise when I arrived at the scene. The bridge is anything but hidden, and is instead prominently on display.

Drone View


It certainly looks a bit different from the satellite photos! At first glance you might think the area had been cleared just for the sake of the bridge, but as you shall see, it looks like they have been clearing out the whole riverbed.

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