Aphrodite's Trail

Published 11th of December, 2023

The Akamas hosts many fine trails for the intrepid hiker. Some of the more popular ones originate from Aphrodite's Baths. The other day we paid a visit to experience one for ourselves. So join us as we follow a rocky trail and revisit an old friend.

Aphrodite's Baths


Over the years I have walked a number of trails on the Akamas, though I have in the past preferred an unstructured approach whereby I set off down a path and see where I end up. As I was with a visitor, I thought it more prudent to follow a designated route. Google flagged up the Aphrodite Trail, which begins and ends at the Baths, so off we went.

The Road To The Blue Lagoon


My limited research using Google revealed that the Aphrodite Trail follows the rocky road to the Blue Lagoon at the start, before heading off up into the hills and looping back round. Some comments inferred that it was better to do the route in reverse. However, as I didn't see anything that indicated what the correct direction was, I took the easy way out and followed the Blue Lagoon road. I had done the first part on this walk previously, but more on that later...

Aphrodite's Campsite


There is a campsite at the start of the trail which has had a somewhat chequered past. There are strict rules as to what can and cannot be built on the Akamas, and the site had broken them. If you go for a wander around its grounds you will see a number of concrete foundations that presumably used to support substantial buildings. These have been replaced with greener alternatives.

Greener Alternatives


If you look down from the track you can see a number of teepees. I wonder what they are like to sleep in during the summer months?



As well as the teepees there are rows of these shed-like structures. Presumably they are the posher model.

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