The Xeros Valley

Published 9th of August, 2023

The Xeros Valley should be the goto destination for anybody who wants to experience off-roading in Cyprus without running the gauntlet of assorted buggies and ATVs you find on the Akamas in mid-summer. This article is a summary of the recent Facebook journey we made up it, from the sea to Paphos Forest.

The Xeros River Flows


The next valley due west of Diarizos is the Xeros Valley. It contains within it the Asprokremmos Reservoir, and reaches the sea by Mandria. In the first part of our journey, we take a rare look at what the river looks like when it is actually being a proper river. A few years ago, the Reservoir dams overflowed, and dried-up riverbeds once more became raging torrents. In this article we follow the water from the reservoir down to the sea.

See The Xeros In Full Flow!

Mandria Mysteries


There are a number of interesting oddities around the mouth of the Xeros Valley. They are found along numerous bumpy farm tracks, so unless you have a 4x4 you might want to read about them rather than visit them for yourself...

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Paphos Desalination Plant


Another feature at the mouth of the Xeros Valley is the desalination plant. Now it is back in operation, but we visited it a few years ago when it was a mere husk.

See the Desalination Plant Report

Asprokremmos Dam


The Asprokremmos is the second biggest reservoir in Cyprus. When it overflows it is an occasion, as it is far from an annual event.

See the Asprokremmos Overflow!

The Rise And Fall Of The Asprokremmos Reservoir


Now we shall head up the reservoir itself. Over the years the water level can fluctuate quite considerably. In this article we show you how it looks when it is empty and full.

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