Polis Seaside Stroll

Published 7th of February, 2023

While the summer months have plenty going for them, there is nothing quite like a bracing walk in the countryside on a cold winter day. Throw in a deserted stretch of coastline and you have a perfect setting for an adventurous afternoon. Come see for yourself...

Secluded Beach


We had originally intended visiting the beach at Polis Campsite and going for a walk there. However, the road through the campsite had turned into a quagmire, so we quickly gave up on that idea. Instead, we headed towards Limni Pier. There are a small group of villas directly before the pier, and on a whim we decided to park amongst them and walk to the beach from there. We soon came upon this little beach.

Storm Damage


We have often visited the coast between here and the pier. Indeed, it is a favourite swimming point of ours. But we hadn't been to this particularly part before, and only viewed it from afar. During the Summer months, people use the villas next to the coast, and you will see the sunbeds here being utilised. But for the moment, they are as empty as this old awning.

Beach Art


The area isn't totally deserted though. Somebody has been making some nice mosaics in the sand.

Nice Path


Whoever it was must have a lot of patience. There are an awful lot of pebbles in this footpath.

Distant Limni Pier


In the distance, past all the trees, but before the pier, is where we normally go.

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