Aphrodite's Secret Beach Area

Published 14th of August, 2023

If you visit Aphrodite's Baths near Latsi, you can be forgiven for initially being a little bit underwhelmed by the experience. But fear not! The area of countryside you are in is actually astonishingly beautiful, so once you have gazed somewhat disappointedly at the baths, be sure to take in the surrounding area, and I guarantee you won't feel cheated. And don't neglect the coastline! It is a little known fact that before Aphrodite took her bath, she liked nothing more than having a splosh in the sea at her secret beach, followed by a bite to eat in the tavern. Let us be your guide...

Tavern View


We begin our adventure looking at the Hidden Beach itself. At the top of the hill there is a restaurant. You will also find a car park, showers and toilets. On the opposite side of the road is Aphrodite's Baths itself.

Turtle Island


Next to the beach there is this mysterious island, which is rumoured to be shaped like a turtle. I took numerous shots of the rock with my drone, and to be honest, this was the only one that was remoteley Chelonian in appearance.

Towards The Blue Lagoon


Let's have a look around to get our bearings. To our west we have the Akamas and the Blue Lagoon. I took these pictures late in the afternoon, so most of the boats are in the process of returning. In fact, it was a bit too late in the day. I made a film but because of the position of the sun, there is a fair amount of propeller noise in the picture. I wasn't going to publish the film but if anybody wants to see it anyway let me know and I will do so.

Look East


In the other direction the Chrysochou Bay opens up for our inspection. We shall see more of that soon. To get to the Baths, you basically drive to Polis then turn left towards Latchi, and follow the signs. For more information on the area as a whole, take a look at the second of our Cyprus Road Trip eBooks.



Finally, inland we find the Aphrodite Family Eco Camping Site. This place has a somewhat colourful history. I believe it used to be a bit more built up, but the structures were illegal. So instead, this greener alternative has arisen. There are certainly a lot of cars parked there, so it definitely gets used.

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