The Diarizos Valley

Published 15th of July, 2023

Over the last couple of weeks we have been taking our Facebook viewers on a journey up the Diarizos Valley, using our old articles as a guide. We've combined all those posts into this article, for those of you who missed the posts, or aren't on Facebook.



Summer is most definitely here now. So we want to show you what Paphos has to offer outside of the Coastal area. In fact, over the last seven years, we have already showed you. However, we appreciate that it can be quite daunting trying to fight your way through the articles, so we are going to take you on some guided trips, using our existing catalogue of blogs. The first is up the Diarizos Valley. This runs between Paphos and Limassol, from the forest to the ocean. To start your trip you should head up towards Kouklia and turn left just after the Asprokremmos Reservoir. Stay on that road and you will soon descend into Diarizos Valley itself. On you right, you will see an abandoned village. This is Souskiou.

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Souskiou Cemetery


Before you leave Souskiou, you can take the road up the hill to an ancient cemetery. Watch out for snakes if you do decide to venture out.

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Continuing up the valley from Souskiou, you will soon arrive at the village of Fasoula. The main focus here are the church and old mosque, side-by-side. The village also benefits from having a hospitable priest, as you shall see...

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Old Fasoula


Yesterday we reached Fasoula. It is worth nothing that in years gone by this village was actually situated on the opposite side of the valley. It is only worth visiting if you are exploring the area really thoroughly, but if you should venture up there, this is what you will find.

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From Fasoula the road continues up the valley towards Paphos Forest. The next village you will drive through - briefly - is Mamonia. It is actually quite useful as you can turn here and take the road to Archimandrita. But we are going straight on.

However, mention of that road does give me an excuse to share a wintery article on Paphos rainfall. A few years ago, the bridge across the valley was washed away at Mamonia in the winter storms. In this article you can see how it was rebuilt. The Mamonia section starts on Page 2.

Summer visitors will be amazed to see how green Cyprus gets in the winter!

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