Paphos Blossom

Published 8th of March, 2023

Paphos is very beautiful in the Springtime. The budding flowers and verdant pastures are a stark contrast to the golden brown hues of the summer. A simple drive through the countryside can yield some colourful displays. Don't just drive past them. Stop, and take in the scene.

Sea View


We begin our adventure here, in Marathounta. Actually, we started in Paphos, and were headed back to Polemi. We decided to go via Minthis Hills for a change, as we wanted to photograph blossom.

The Famous Marathounta Viewing Platform


As we were passing we thought we would begin with a shot from their quirky viewing platform.

Nice View


THere was some blossom in evidence but nothing too spectacular.

Towards Monthis Hills


So we continued our journey up to Minthis Hills. A couple of days ago Alex had driven past an orchard that was beginning to bloom, and wanted to check it out.


The orchard is located just before the turning to Minthis Hills Resort. We parked in a small Layby and went to check it out. Alex walked alongside the road so that she was above the trees, whereas I went down into the orchard itself.

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