West Coral Bay Area

Published 13th of March, 2023

Coral Bay is rightly famous for having not one but two lovely beaches, as well as a vibrant bar and restaurant area. But take a walk beyond the beaches and you will find a beautiful rugged coastline waiting to be explored.

Corallia Coast


We begin our adventure just west of Corallia Beach. Instead of going to the car park, keep on the road and take the next left turn. Provided you keep on tarmac you will be fine.

Porto Antico


We parked in the car park next to Porto Antico. This is a very popular restaurant, though it is quite expensive compared to a village tavern or most of the Coral Bay Strip. It has a lovely location though.

Go Up


But we aren't here to review a restaurant, so let's go and have a look around.

Corallia Beach


At this time of year, Corallia Beach looks naked. Not a sunbed in sight, and an empty carpark. In the summer time this scene looks a lot different.

Waiting For You


If you are interested in staying here, then the building on the left is the Corallia Beach Hotel Apartments whereas the building on the right is the Coral Beach Hotel and Resort.

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