Ayios Georgios Monastery, in Koili

Published 18th of May, 2021

Koili is a little village nestled on top of the hills above Paphos. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside which we love to explore. While researching the area we stumbled upon these ruins of an old monastery.

This Must Be The Place


Every time we drive through the hills around Koili, we seem to take a slightly different route. In this particular instance, we started out near the abandoned dog kennels we blogged about a few months ago. We were aiming for a track that led to Stroumpi, but our chosen route hugged the side of the valley in the wrong direction, and we found ourselves heading towards Koili. A quick look at Google Maps revealed that there was a ruin nearby, so naturally we stopped to investigate.

Nice Clouds


The clouds were making delicate patterns in the sky.

Small Monastery


According to Google, this is Ayios Georgios Monastery. It was destroyed by an Earthquake. That is all I have been able to find out about the place, in my admittedly short search.

Nice Arches


Though fairly small, it is certainly larger than the average chapel.

Distant Stroumpi


Also, there is a lot of rubble around the perimeter of the church, which hints at more buildings.

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