Timios Stavros Monastery

Published 23rd of July, 2023

The Monastery of Timios Stavros lies just to the south of Anogyra, in the Limassol district. From the motorway, you come off at Avdimou and head inland. It is worth a diversion, as it is a very pleasant ruin which still has an active church. With the help of our drone we took some shots which will show you what you can expect to see should you come for a visit.

Aerial View


We first stumbled upon Timios Stavros Monastery a few years ago. There is a geocache hidden here, and I remember when we were looking for it that we found a number of snake skins. So do be careful should you happen to visit.

Incidentally, Timios Stavros means Holy Cross.

Rear View


The intact chapel you can see here was built on top of the remains of an early Christian Basilica.

Good Ruins Bad Ruins


When I was researching the Archaeological Park a few years ago I looked up the term "Basilica". In Roman times it meant a large public building. However, in later times it has been used to refer simply to a Church, especially an old one. In this overhead shot you can see the functional chapel, and the ruins around it. But what are the rubble piles on the right-hand side of the picture?

Obscure History


There is very little information on this monastery online, in English at least. The current church was built on top of the remains of earlier churches in the fifteenth century.

Getting There


Whenever I post an article, somebody always asks where the subject is located. All our blogs have a link at the bottom of each page, which will take you to a map showing the exact location. However, few people seem able to find it, so here is a nice big map with a huge arrow showing exactly where you can find it.

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