The Amazing Agios Raphael

Published 10th of October, 2020

A few weeks ago we showed you inside a little church off Pachyammos Village Beach. At the time we mentioned its bigger brother in the village, so now we would like to introduce it to you. We've seen lots of lovely churches on our travels in Cyprus, but this one is very special indeed...

In All Its Glory...


From the outside the church looks pretty impressive. It is relatively new, and was built on an area that suffered terrible fighting in 1964.

War Memorials


Indeed, you can see a war memorial in the grounds.

The Fallen


You also get lovely views of the coastline here. But the real treasures are inside.

Come And Have A Look


The interior of the church is spectacular. Cypriots come from all over the island to see it. If you visit you will observe a steady stream of people praying to the assorted icons. Do bear this in mind, and dress respectfully.

Take The Tour

We made a virtual tour of the church interior. It isn't perfect, as the doors were open so there are marked differences in light levels. But we couldn't very well close them, so you will have to make do with the occasional blown out area.

Every picture used in this blog, with the exception of the first one, is actually a screen-grab from the tour, so it wasn't that bad.

To get the most of the tour, you should view it full screen. Click the menu in the top right of the tour, and select the full screen option. Remember also, that you can zoom in to see a lot of detail.

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