Agios Georgios, Choulou

Published 16th of February, 2022

As you approach Choulou from Letymbou and the Ezousa Valley, you will pass a brown sign on your left indicating that the Church of Agios Georgios is down the next turn. If you have quarter of an hour to spare, drive down the road, at least until you get to the little church, and have a look.

The Church


This is a picture of the church from the side. I have turned off the main road and driven down to it on a road that is suitable for all vehicles. If you continue past the church you end up on the Ezousa Valley floor. Conditions there are not so good. So once you have finished exploring the church, you are better off turning around here, which was what I was doing when I took this picture.

Ezousa Valley


The countryside itself is very beautiful so I would understand why you might want to explore the valley. We did that once before, a few years ago. I remember it well because we spent a long time driving through very heavy undergrowth before we found a track going back uphill. We followed that but it was in an atrocious condition. It was literally crumbling away as we drove up it. I managed to get to the top, and we found ourselves in the abandoned village of Statos. So as I said, you are probably better off turning around at the church!

Church Exterior


I remember our first visit quite well because of that journey! We originally arrived here looking for a geocache, which has long since disappeared. I note that a new one is now in its place. Had I known when I took this photo I would have signed the logbook!

Ten Years Ago


I managed to dig out a picture I took from our first visit, ten years ago. On the surface, not a lot has changed during that time. I can only presume the renovations were mainly focused on the inside. So let's have a look.



You can immediately see where a lot of the walls have been repaired.

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