Ayia Thekla Chapel

Published 29th of June, 2021

While visiting the east of the island for a break, we happened upon this charming chapel. just as they were getting ready for a christening. As it was located near the site of the near marina, I thought it would be nice to get some photos of the area for posterity. We also found that the chapel had a surprise in store for us...

The Church


We'll start with a picture of the chapel. I was going to launch my drone here, but it soon became apparent that people were beginning to gather. So rather than intrude, I decided to make do with some regular shots before any service started.

Distant Hotel


To the right of the church, facing the coast, is a nice beach and hotel. I can't tell you the name of the hotel, as Google Maps doesn't know it exists. Perhaps, it is fairly new, which would explain the cranes. The beach though, is called Ayia Thekla. Well, the nearest one is anyway. The one behind it is called Poseidon.

Ayia Thekla Island


Islands seem to be all the rage in the east. A lot of the most popular beaches have them.

Rear View


This is the rear view of the church. It is slightly spoiled by the door to the broom cupboard which has been left open. I know it is the door to the broom cupboard because I saw somebody go in there and get a broom.

Helpful Map


This is why I was able to identify all the landmarks so confidently. But what's that "Ayia Thekla Cave" to the left of the YOU ARE HERE marker? Time will tell...

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