The Church of St George Nicoxylitis

Published 9th of March, 2020

Spring is in the air, so on Sunday we took a drive to blow the winter sniffles and colds away. On a scenic route to Polis we stumbled upon this church and an old abandoned monastery, not to mention some stunning countryside...

This Must Be The Place


On this particular trip we took the high road from Polemi to Polis; through Kathikas and on down past Arodes and Droushia. As we began our descent towards Prodromi we took a right at a sign like the above. I had been here before when I had been doing some street view mapping, and thought it would be a good place for a family visit. Winter colds have been rattling around our villa, so I figured a bit of fresh air would blow them away.

I was going to write this blog after I finished with the Archaeological Park series, but somebody had requested pictures of flowers so I have bumped this to show some lovely blossoms...

Tidy Church


the church itself is nice enough - well kept and obviously looked after.

Out Houses


On one side of the church was a row of out-houses. Nothing special to report, though we did go in the end one.

Underneath The Arch


As regular readers will know, the hook under that arch is where they used to hang lanterns. I love a good arch.

Out House Ruins


Far more interesting (to us at least) were the ruins on the other side of the church. We will get to them in a moment, but apparently they are all that remains of an old monastery that the church used to be a part of.

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