Agios Theodoros Church

Published 3rd of February, 2022

I've been meaning to do some more articles on the villages of Paphos. One such, Choulou, has a number of features that deserve their own blogs. Step forward Agios Theodoros Church, a nice ruin dating back to the 8th century AD.

Take The Right Turn


Normally when I drive to Choulou from Polemi, I take a left turn here. The road runs through the centre of the village and out the other end, towards Statos and Panagia. When I started researching Choulou, I found a map which showed numerous features, including Agios Theodoros Church. According to the map, I needed to take the right turning (not the far right one, which loops back to Lemona).

Agios Theodoros Cottage


As you drive down the road, you will soon arrive here. Agios Theodoros Cottage is on your left, and the church on your right. Take the right turn here and find a place to park.



It turns out that you can actually rent out Agios Theodoros Cottage. It received very nice reviews on Trip Advisor. It is marketed as "Traditional Tourist Accommodation".

Agios Theodoros Church


And here is the ruin of the church itself.

Parking View


I have parked the car now, next to the church, and am looking down across the valley to the rest of Choulou. It's bigger than you think! Now let's go and have a look at the church.

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