Agios Georgios, Universal

Published 27th of October, 2021

The upper reaches of the Universal Area of Paphos are steadily being developed. New estates seem are being constructed all the time. Yesterday, while driving through, we stopped by a church that had sprung up before any surrounding houses had been built. I went for a wander and this is what I found...

Outside The Church


I should point out that though this church is relatively modern, it wasn't built in the last few weeks. The first pictures of it on Google appear in 2016. So it has been around a fair while now.

Complete With Play Area


As you arrive at the church, you cannot help but notice the adjoining play area. It's well equiped, and kids use it. One of them had even left a spiderman mask behind, if anybody has lost one!

Outer Tour


I am always cautious when visiting a church I don't know. The last thing I want to do is interfere in anybody's worship, or disturb somebody in prayer. So before I tried to get in I walked around the outside first. The church is in very nice surroundings.

That Play Area Again


You can see that spiderman mask in the bottom left of this picture. I hope he had a backup plan.

Unknown Memorial


I have no idea what this says. Perhaps it is a relic from a previous church on this site? I did have a look on the old Victorian maps of Paphos, and there is nothing shown at this location.

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