Check out ths Eco Art Show at the Shrine Caves!

Published 20th of October, 2019

We visited the Ayios Georgios Shrine Caves quite a while ago, but returned recently to make a virtual tour. We were pleasently surprised when we did so to find that the area now hosted an outdoor Eco Art Exhibition. This place is really worth checking out, and makes a lovely walk.

The Shrine Caves


We blogged about the shrine caves some time ago. They are well worth a visit if you are in the area, and now more than ever.

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Public Nature, Private Culture


Now, from September to the end of the year, there is an art exhibition here as well! Let's take a look around.

Here, Kitty


First we have to pay homage to the cats.

Cat in a Pram


This made me smile, there was a baby buggy here which had a sleeping cat in it. We were at the location for a couple of hours, while we made the tour, and when we left, the buggy was still there, with a different cat in it. So perhaps it is always there, and is designed for moggies?

The Church


This is the Ayios Georgios church itself. The image is a still shot from the tour, which is why it is a bit fuzzy. On the tour you can rotate the image 360 degrees and see what is behind you.

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