Paphos-Polis Motorway Update

Published 22nd of January, 2023

It's been a few months since they started building the new motorway between Paphos and Polis. In phase one, they are constructing the first half, which runs from Paphos to Stroumbi. The other day I went to a few vantage points along the route to see how they are getting on.

From Kallepeia To Stroumpi


If you are unaware of the new motorway that is being built between Paphos and Polis you should check out our original report on the Paphos to Polis Motorway. In a nutshell the first phase will run from Paphos to Stroumpi via Marathounta and Minthis HIlls. There will be two tunnels and several bridges. Initially it will be a single lane in either direction, expanding to two lanes at a later date.

One of the tunnels is through the hill that the Tsada - Kallepeia Road crosses. It is from above that hill that this image is taken. It shows the view to Stroumpi that the motorway will follow. There hasn't been much work completed in this direction yet.

Towards Tsada


Turning round and looking the direction of Tsada, you can see that access roads have been constructed. The buildings in the centre of the picture are of the main Site Office for the project.

Across The Street


On the other side of the Tsada-Kallepeia Road, it is a different story though. You can see they are getting to work on the tunnel area.

Incidentally, a discussion on our Paphos Life forum raised the topic of the E4 Long Distance Path. The path leaves Paphos Airport and goes to the Akamas via Minthis Hills, Tsada, Koili and Peyia. It returns and heads towards Paphos Forest via Droushia, Kritou Terra, Choli and Lysos. So it will eventually have to cross this motorway twice, once in Phase one, and once in phase two. The phase one crossing is actually just above this tunnel entrance, running from left to right. So no special provision will be needed here, at least.

Close Up


I had to be careful flying the drone around here as there are a fair amount of pylons. Fortunately I had my standard DSLR with me as well, so I could take a close-up of the workface without putting my drone or anything else at risk. You can see here how they are reinforcing the hillside with iron grids and sprayed-on concrete.

Towards The Sea


Rotating 180 degrees, we can see that a lot of land clearance has taken place in preparation of the arrival of the motorway.

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