Marathounta Wilderness

Published 23rd of May, 2021

There's an area near Paphos that is surprisingly remote. I had been meaning to explore it for some time. And now, as they will be starting work on the nearby motorway soon, I thought it was the ideal time to visit. You may never get to Mars, but if you want a feel for what it might be like, you could do worse than take a walk through the countryside near Marathounta.

Getting There Is Half The Fun


First things first, how do you get to the area in question? You used to be able to drive up the motorway from Paphos and take the second exit, by Elea Golf Course. You would then take a hard left down a track. This would lead you to an old shrine we blogged about a few years ago. Beyond that there is an old quarry. The original plan was to get to the quarry and drive along the edge of the field below it. This would take me close to the area in question. I know this because I have driven to that spot before.

Unfortunately, the track from the motorway now has several large concrete blocks across it. So instead, I approached from the Marathounta end of the track. I arrived at the quarry, only to find that now, the track across the field had also been blocked off. In desperation, I took the track that goes up to the huge pylons instead, and followed that for as long as I was able. I will publish a film later of the route.

Drone View


When the track I was on eventually ran out, I stopped and used the drone to study the area. I was aware that there were pylons not far away, but they were all behind me. As long as the drone stayed in front all would be good.

Where Eagles Dare


There have been sightings of birds of prey in the area, and they can be a challenge to a drone. So I was on a constant watch for anything larger than a pigeon.

Empty Spaces


As you can see, the area I wanted to visit is very barren.

Virtual Drone Tour

I took a few 360 shots with the drone, so you can get a general view of the area.

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